Let’s comfer!

“Parent Teacher Comferences”

Crestline Elementary School, [...]

What’s in a name? (part 3)

Funny School Names

Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School in Gatesville, Wisconsin, shortens its name to G-E-T High School. Yep, “get high.”

And California’s  Weed High School really seems like it should be G-E-T High’s sister school, don’t you think?

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Is there a school with a funny name near you? Take a photo [...]

It’s never too late to start proofreading

I know it’s an easy typo to make.   I also know that I’ve made this same typo myself a few times,  BUT not on a billboard advertising a college!  Yikes!

It’s never too late to start you career



“Colton High School:  Commited (sic) to High Standards”(Colton, CA)

Excluding spelling, apparently! [...]

What’s in a name? (part 2)

More Funny School Names

First on the roll call today is “New” Hooker School in Connecticut.  I suspect that the (erroneous) quotation marks were an attempt to set the word new apart from the others, as if to say, it’s the school that’s new, not the hooker.  Or.. something. :-/

Pansy Kidd Middle School in Poteau, OK.  You [...]

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