Detention at Hogwarts?

Detention Card

xxxxx will be detained from 1:00 to 1:30

on Thursday 28th

Reason:  calling a teacher a “muggle”

“Muggle”  isn’t so bad!  It’s not like he called her [...]

Specialized schooling?

“15 best things about our pubic schools” (South [...]

Do you “c” the problem?

Submitted by Arlene

Outside Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Primary School, in [...]

Dad was pretty excited, too!

It  just sounds wrong!

Article headline from The University Daily Kansan:  “Student excited dad got [...]

OMG, you can speak English!

A Korean English textbook.  Check out the eye chart (OMG, STFU, PWN3D).  And what’s with the animals in the doctor’s [...]