What’s in a name? (part 2)

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More Funny School Names

First on the roll call today is “New” Hooker School in Connecticut.  I suspect that the (erroneous) quotation marks were an attempt to set the word new apart from the others, as if to say, it’s the school that’s new, not the hooker.  Or.. something. :-/

Pansy Kidd Middle School in Poteau, OK.  You know these Pansy kids must get a pretty constant teasing from rival schools.

Butts Road Primary School in Chesapeake, VA. Home of the Butts Hawks.

And finally… um… this.  This seems to be an “Engrish” mistake  I can only assume that it should have read “Tiny Tots School.”  But the banner seems a bit weathered as if it’s been there for quite some time; how could that sort of error go unnoticed for so long?!

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Is there a school with a funny name near you?  Take a photo and send it in!

Watch for more funny school, college and university names in Part 3!

It’s definitely not too soon

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Just in time, probably! ;)

“Perparing Your Child for College:  It’s Not Too Soon!”

UMBC Maryland

Innocent stick people don’t need to die!

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Do you suppose his teacher’s name was Mr. Gates?

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Can it be that big?

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