Dad was pretty excited, too!

It  just sounds wrong!

Article headline from The University Daily Kansan:  “Student excited dad got [...]

What’s in a name? (part 3)

Funny School Names

Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School in Gatesville, Wisconsin, shortens its name to G-E-T High School. Yep, “get high.”

And California’s  Weed High School really seems like it should be G-E-T High’s sister school, don’t you think?

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OMG, you can speak English!

A Korean English textbook.  Check out the eye chart (OMG, STFU, PWN3D).  And what’s with the animals in the doctor’s [...]

Smell fail


Show your pride!

I think that whoever decided on the wording of the school’s bumper sticker  had a wicked sense of humor… not to mention the moms willing to put this on their cars!

“PROUD HOOKER MOM:  Washington Hooker School”

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