What’s in a name? (part 1)

Funny School Names

I’m sure these are all fine institutions of learning, but their names are a bit unfortunate!

First, we have the historic Governor Dummer Academy in Massachusetts.  They’ve actually changed the name to The Governor’s Academy.  I guess the governor just couldn’t take the teasing anymore.

Next we have the Porny School in [...]

It also looks like a skateboard ramp….

… or a ski jump. Since ya asked. [...]


“Save Our School’s” … Save our school’s what exactly?

Does anyone else cringe at misused apostrophe’s apostrophes? It’s not a school sign per se, but I couldn’t resist it for [...]

Tetris is fun — math isn’t

Submitted by: Lisa

I’m pretty sure that nothing that begins with “Consider the quadratic function” could possibly [...]

Elephants hate word problems!

The elephants are at it again — and they’ve brought reinforcements!

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